About The Owner

Meet the Owner & Head Coach, Cynthya Bringas!

With experience, a leader can demonstrate proper form and technique that ensures a stable, safe, and constant level of progression for any young athlete. For Cynthya, coaching gymnastics goes far beyond that.

Having competed nationally & internationally at a young age, Cynthya was fortunate to have benefitted from all that this sport has to offer first hand. Each competition was taken as a new challenge and brought its own glory or learned lessons. For her though, the medals, trophies, and accolades were all nice, but the real enjoyment she had in the sport came from the daily training, the learning of new things, the life lessons, and the travels and friendships that were built along the way.

Beyond gymnastics, Cynthya has also attained a high standing in the dance community. With over 30 years of experience, she has directed or produced several dance performances and multicultural festivals. Now she holds her standing as a member of the National Dance Teacher’s Association in Mexico.

Continuing her involvement in the gymnastics community, Cynthya became a certified National Coach in Mexico prior to moving to Canada. Being an avid learner, she took Summer Coaching School in Cuba for 3 years, gaining an Advanced Coaching certification, she is also a certified Canadian Coach as well. She holds an International Judging certification by the Federation and this has added to her experience of knowing what to look for in athletes to help drive them to the next level.

Understanding how minor changes in technique may have repercussions throughout many aspects of an individual’s performance, she is able to teach others the ideal methods to support their goals and objectives in the sport.
She holds a Physical Education degree, which is why she emphasizes and encourages psychomotor learning or movement exploration to promote health and physical competence – the seed to achieve physical literacy and engagement in physical activities for life.

With her daughter now active in the sport, Cynthya is proud to share her knowledge and help others build their emotional, mental and physical strength, all while having fun in a supportive team environment – that’s what Athletica Gymnastics is all about!