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Dance Benefits from Starting at a Young Age

Dance Benefits from Starting at a Young Age

The benefits of dance for kids are endless. Through dance programs, participants will engage in activities that encourage them to perform to their highest ability.

Our Dancework programs at Athletica Gymnastics in Calgary develop skills across a broad range: strength, coordination, balance, teamwork, and entertaining performance. As we train to reach new levels of creativity and confidence, our athletes will grow the necessary skills for personal satisfaction both inside and outside of the studio.

Our instructors at Athletica Gymnastics have witnessed the positive correlation between dance and children when they are enrolled at a young age. With our knowledge and experience, we have compiled a list of the top benefits of dance for kids.

Dance and Health

One of the greatest benefits of dance for kids is it encourages healthy habits from a young age. Exercise is a key component of developing properly. Dance focuses on developing and strengthening posture, bones, and flexibility, which significantly reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes in their adult years.

Students often remain involved in dance and other sports as they grow up from the basic skills they learn in dance. Enroll your child in dance to help build skills to keep them physically active, fit and healthy throughout their entire lives.

Dance Classes teach Social Awareness

Dance classes for kids are the perfect situation that allows young children to socialize and learn social awareness. Dance teaches children lifelong skills including taking turns, cooperating with their peers, understanding space, performing for an audience and supporting each other in a fun and interactive setting.

Dance programs give children the opportunity to communicate verbally and through movement, which increases their capacity for expressing thoughts, ideas, and feelings in many different ways. It’s also common for close bonds to be formed between young dancers based on shared efforts, experiences and growth.

Emotional and Cognitive Intelligence

The benefits of dance classes for early childhood development is phenomenal. Dance is a unique balance between art and athletics. Not only do children benefit physically, they also learn how to creatively express and recognize a wide range of emotions within themselves and their classmates. Dance classes provide a structured outlet for a healthy emotional release that strengthens their emotional maturity.

Furthermore, the ability to learn that movement can be used as a response to an idea or a solution to a problem increases cognitive development. Dance promotes an awareness of how to function in situations that go beyond our dance studio and programs. Problem-solving, imagination, spacial awareness and balance are just a handful of skills that improve a child’s emotional and cognitive development in a fun and safe environment.

Types of Dance Classes at Athletica Gymnastics

We offer a variety of dance programs for children including Ballet, Hip-Hop, Latin Rhythms, Mexican Folklore, Jazz and Viva La Danza.  Our Calgary facility is fully equipped with the latest equipment to ensure a safe and exciting experience for every class. We maintain an enthusiastic environment that is inclusive and motivational for everyone involved. Participating in dance program from a young age provides your child with a great head-start for dancers to develop physically, emotionally, and intellectually

Contact Athletica Gymnastics in Calgary and enroll your child in our Danceworks program this fall.