Team Athletica


Athletica | Calgary Gymnastics Centre |
  • Deliver a top-quality program for long-term success and legacy.
  • Obtain Provincial, National and International successes.
  • Have our athletes to reach realistic and attainable goals through determination, work ethics, self-discipline and mental focus relationships. And realizing their personal potential.
  • Create and maintain a pre-developmental and developmental program that creates and maintains a passion for a lifetime. Build an Athlete for life!


Athletica | Calgary Gymnastics Centre |

As cited in our athlete contracts, each child’s participation in the program is subject to continual evaluation.  During the season, all athletes are monitored and must attain certain levels of physical abilities to meet National standards. Each child will be evaluated on their ability to perform physically and technically.  Whether or not they will continue to be awarded a contract will be based on this evaluation and upon a review of their personal progress.  Attitude and effort over the entire year in all areas of training and competition will also be considered.

For new members, entry into the program is made by selection and by trying out.  Reviews are made every 3 months or so, on average. Try out classes may be granted on occasion to see if the program is the right fit for all parties concerned.