Our Competitive program is designed to cater to all girls who have an interest in competitive gymnastics. Whether your goal is to represent Athletica at National Championships or compete in a local invitational, we can help you achieve your goals.

At Athletica, we base our groups on age, ability, and individual goals. Our gymnasts will have the opportunity to compete at a club and provincial level from level 3-10. From level 8, gymnasts have the opportunity to be selected to represent their province at national level competitions. Our coaches’ primary aim is to assist in the progress and development of each individual athlete and offer them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Athletica Gymnastics competitive program caters to elite, high-level gymnasts with the desire and ability to excel. With a focus on mastering high-level skills, exceptional strength and conditioning, and an emphasis on goal setting and teamwork, gymnasts are equipped with the skills to be the best they can be – in the gym, at school and in future endeavours!

Tryouts for Team Athletica are held every year in April and June. Each athlete is required to try out on an annual basis. Some children may switch to a different level during this time in order to meet their individual needs.

Selection to the Aspire Competitive stream is by invitation
Classes run Monday – Sunday
Club uniform required for competition

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

Try Out

Provincial Stream

Athletica | Calgary Gymnastics Centre |

Gymnasts at these levels train the skill sets specified by the JO Levels 4 compulsory routines and levels 5-8 specific requirements needed for competition. A mix of required and optional elements

This class ranges from 4 to 16 hours per week. To be selected, gymnasts must have progressed from the Foundations stream, have a successful tryout, or have prior competitive gymnastics experience at a similar level.

National Stream

Athletica | Calgary Gymnastics Centre |

At these levels, our athletes have the opportunity to move on from fundamental gymnastics skills to elements with a high degree of difficulty. Selected gymnasts must be highly committed.
Levels 9 & 10 and the Aspire 1 & 2 programs fall into this program. This is the platform for the next level. Gymnasts here will have the opportunity to compete at National levels and represent their province. Hours varies from 20-23hrs. Morning training may be required.

HP Stream

Athletica | Calgary Gymnastics Centre |

The Athletica International Levels program has been developed for exceptionally talented gymnasts. Entry into this program will be by invitation and assessment by some of our most senior CGC-WAG coaches with tabulation of scores at National and International level competitions. This program requires hard work, extensive hours (24+), sacrifice, and dedication from gymnasts. In return, the program offers gymnasts the chance to compete at an International Level where their skills may reach an entirely new audience (some gymnast might get scholarships on the States from competing at this level).

Our HP program follows a level based system that allows gymnasts to compete in Novice, Junior and Senior competitions. Gymnasts’ skills are regularly reviewed and assessed by our Canadian Women Program Director and Head Coaches via an online skill-based system. Gymnasts who achieve high results in their skills testing can become eligible to attend clinics with some of the country’s best coaches and athletes.

It is the aim of the Athletica team to offer our members the best of our resources, knowledge, and experience for the gymnasts to succeed in this program and reach their goals. Our endeavour is to teach them well and to guide them to their highest standard possible. At this level, we said and believe: “There are not limits…You can achieve what you dream and work for it”.