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The Benefits of Gymnastics for Young Children

The Benefits of Gymnastics for Young Children

The instructors at Athletica Gymnastics in Calgary, have experienced the positive correlation between gymnastics and children when they partake in gymnastics from a young age.

With this knowledge, we’ve developed several levels tailored for specific age groups called Gym Kids, Gym Fun, Gym Learners and Kinderninjas. Gym Kids is split into three different categories:

GymKids Intro class for 3 – 4 years, the Junior class for 4 – 5 years, the Senior or Gym Fun class for 5 – 6 years and Gym Learners for 6 to 12.

Gym Kids Xcel is for ages 4-6 by invitation or successful try out, as this is for kids that would like to enter the pro-competitive team.

Kinderninjas is designed for boys aged 4 – 6.5 years.

The ages between 3 and 6 is the ideal time to reinforce healthy and social behaviours that will benefit them for life and help them transition into a school setting. Our knowledgeable Athletica Gymnastics instructors have compiled a list of the top benefits of gymnastics for children.

  • Healthy Habits
  • Social Skills
  • Preparation for School
  • Self-Confidence
  • Emotional & Cognitive Intelligence

1. Healthy Habits Beyond Gymnastics

Exercise is an essential part of developing properly and significantly reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes in their adult years. Furthermore, gymnastics specifically focuses on developing and strengthening posture, bones, and flexibility. Evidently, participating in gymnastics ensures your child is physically active, staying fit and healthy

Encouraging your child to participate in gymnastics will likely be the beginning of a healthy lifestyle. Often times students remain involved in gymnastics and other sports as they grow up from the basic skills they learn in gymnastics.

2. Social Skills & Interaction

Athletica Gymnastics creates an environment where children can develop, improve and foster positive social skills while staying active.

Learning to interact and work with their peers from a young age increases their ability to communicate and negotiate their needs, wants and feelings with others. It also provides children the skills to handle emotional and physical challenges.

3. Preparation for School

Gymnastic classes require a great deal of listening and following instructions. Gymnastics teaches children how to listen, follow directions, commit to the task at hand and concentrate in order to achieve each milestone in a fun environment.

These are essential assets in life that will provide children with the skills to work well with others, set goals, persevere, and concentrate. These are necessary skills for succeeding in school, work and social settings.

The activities and routines taught in each class and level are specifically designed to improve these skills in a fun environment.

4. Building Self-Confidence

Each gymnastic class and level is designed to increase their knowledge base and capability. The discipline required to successfully learn and complete each new gymnastic activity and routine gives a your child a sense of accomplishment.

This teaches children from an early age that practice and hard-work pays off and it leads to an increased self esteem and confidence. Performing in front of their peers reinforces their sense of self and the confidence.

5. Emotional & cognitive Intelligence

There is a strong correlation between technology and children becoming emotionally and cognitively disconnected. Since technology is a growing influence in our children’s lives, it’s essential for young children to learn how to be emotionally and mentally engage with their surroundings.

At Athletica Gymnastics, we teach children appropriate social manners that ensure they develop strong emotional and cognitive intelligence.

Contact Athlethica Gymnastics in Calgary and enrol your child Gym Kids or Kinderninjas today.