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Unique, Fun Programs at Athletica Gymnastics in Calgary

Unique, Fun Programs at Athletica Gymnastics in Calgary

At Athletica Gymnastics, we offer more than just Gymnastics Programs. We provide a variety of Specialty Programs including Acro-Elements, Gym-Fusion Performance and Ninja-Gym to introduce fitness for kids. 

We take pride in helping children of any age improve their self-confidence and develop lifelong skills through our challenging yet fun and accessible physical activities in a safe and fun environment.

We believe our Gymnastics and Specialty Programs are an exceptional way to take that first leap into an overall better life!

Acro-Elements: Acrobatic & Gymnastic Training

Acro-Elements provides participants with a number of acrobatic gymnastic skills. Acro-Elements combine the elements of dance training with acrobatics and floor gymnastics skills. This combination creates a unique athletic form of dance. Throughout the Acro-Elements program, participants will train on a variety of exercises designed to increase awareness, strength, flexibility and coordination.  

Acro-Elements skill levels seeking to improve their tumbling abilities and/or have the desire to learn new tumbling skills such as aerial’s, back and front handsprings, round-offs, leap passes, flipping, and much more.

Gym-Fusion Performance: High-Performance Gymnastics

The Athletica Gym-Fusion Performance Team is a team of boys and girls ages 7 to 17. This program infuses acrobatics, dance, gymnastics, and cheer movements into their choreography, while building strength, flexibility, coordination, and repertoire.

Our gymnastics coaches teach routines, which will be performed at events around the province of Alberta, including National Gymnastics Week Mall Demo and Alberta GymFest.

This gymnastics program requires a year-long commitment from July to June, as well as the purchase of the Athletica uniform and designated attire in order to perform. All team members must be registered in additional gymnastics and dance classes each session.

Ninja-Gym: Gymnastics Clubs For Kids

Our Ninja-Gym program is an all-boys program that introduces young boys to the fundamentals of gymnastics and offers an advanced learning experience.

This all-boys program specializes in gymnastics skills including vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline. Gymnastic training will support the development of strength, coordination and agility of your child.

It is an exceptional addition and advantage to other sports as the more sports or physical activities that your child participates in from a young age, the more likely they will maintain an active lifestyle.

Our facility is fully equipped with the latest equipment to ensure a safe and exciting experience every class. We maintain an enthusiastic environment that is inclusive and motivational for everyone involved.

Sign your child up for our NINJA-GYM Program or one of our many other Specialty and Gymnastics Programs today!