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The Benefits of Learning How to Do a Cartwheel

The Benefits of Learning How to Do a Cartwheel

At Athletica Gymnastics in Calgary, our training is focused on physical, mental, and social development. Gymnastics exercises, such as learning how to do a cartwheel, offer a variety of benefits that go well beyond the gymnastics mat.

Our knowledgeable Athletica Gymnastics instructors have compiled a list of the top benefits of learning how to do a cartwheel.

Improves Strength

When you learn how to do a cartwheel, you’re improving key areas including strength, mobility, coordination, and agility.

A cartwheel may appear simple, but it requires the use of several different major muscle groups. When learning how to do a cartwheel, you need power and strength in these major muscles groups in order to carry momentum through the full execution of the cartwheel.

A cartwheel builds strength in your arms, shoulders, legs, and core. The more you practice doing cartwheels, the more strength you’ll build.

Improves Balance

When you learn how to do a cartwheel, it requires substantial balancing skills. Learning the proper technique and how to do a cartwheel correctly, requires you to have full control over your muscles, a great deal of balance to avoid falling. A strong core is especially important for ensuring you have balance and coordination.

A cartwheel is a fluid and single motion. From a standing position, you lean forward into a lunge, then place a hand on the floor as your feet push up. Once your feet are up, your other hand goes down to provide a stable base. Balance and strength are key components of successfully learning how to do a cartwheel.

Practicing handstands, either freestanding or against a wall, will help increase your balancing abilities and prepare you for cartwheels.

Improves Bone Health, Circulation and Breathing

Learning how to do a cartwheel will strengthen your bones, including your spine, shoulders, arms, and wrists.

The temporary upside-down nature of a cartwheel can increase circulation to your upper body and relieve pressure on your feet and legs while stretching your diaphragm. As a result, completing a proper cartwheel improves blood flow and airflow to your lungs.

Building cartwheels into your daily routine and gymnastics practice is beneficial to your health and is a ton of fun!

Learning How to do a Cartwheel at Athletica Gymnastics

Our programs are conducted by certified instructors. Their guidance facilitates growth and guides each gymnast through a variety of exercises and activities. Our gymnastics coaches create an environment where participants can develop, improve and foster healthy and active habits.

Learning how to do a cartwheel at Athletica Gymnastics requires a great deal of listening and following instructions. A gymnastics exercise like this is an exceptional way to teaches children how to listen, follow directions, commit to the task at hand and concentrate in order to achieve milestones in a fun environment.

Athletica Gymnastics offers classes for all ages and skill level. Our youngest program, the Mini Gym Tots, is designed for 10 – 17 months babies. Being introduced to gymnastics from a young age will help your child both on the gymnastics mat and throughout their lives.

Sign up for gymnastics at Athletica Gymnastics in Calgary to learn a variety of gymnastics exercises including how to do a cartwheel and enjoy the incredible benefits that gymnastics has to offer.