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The Benefits of Gymnastics for Babies & Toddlers

The Benefits of Gymnastics for Babies & Toddlers

At Athletica Gymnastics in Calgary, we’ve witnessed the incredible benefits and advantages of enrolling your baby or toddler in gymnastics classes specifically designed for their age.

From our experience and extensive knowledge of the positive correlation between gymnastics and children, we developed three levels called Gym Tots Gymnastics. The Mini class for 10-17 months, the Junior class for 18 months – 2 years, and the Senior class for 2-3 years.

Babies and toddlers are extremely impressionable and energetic. It’s the perfect time to begin teaching them healthy and social behaviours that will benefit them for life. The talented and experienced Athletica Gymnastics instructors have compiled a list of the top benefits of gymnastics for babies and toddlers.

  • Developing social skills
  • Increased coordination & motor skills
  • Emotional & cognitive intelligence
  • Growth & development
  • Building self-esteem & confidence
  • Self-discipline

1. Developing social skills

Athletica Gymnastics classes create the opportunity for children to interact and work well with others. Creating strong bonds and positive social environments with peers is an important skill that allows children to develop trust, empathy, compassion and a sense of right or wrong.

In Gym Tot classes, the activities are designed to give students ample opportunity to communicate and work together, while having fun and improving their mental and physical development.

2. Increased coordination & motor skills

One of the most important skills babies and toddlers are learning to develop is their coordination and motor skills. The activities and routines practices and taught at Athletica Gymnastics are specifically designed to improve these skills in a fun environment.

Gym Tots Gymnastics is an interactive class where babies and toddlers will be led through a variety of stretches and exercises to increase motor skill development and improve their coordination. Each week, our trained instructors introduce new physical skills with a variety of interactive songs and games to strengthen these skills.

3. Emotional & cognitive intelligence

Emotional & cognitive intelligence is an important milestone in every child’s life, especially considering the growing influence of technology that can cause children to become emotionally and cognitively disconnected. It’s essential for babies and toddlers to learn how to be emotionally and mentally engaged with their surroundings.

In gymnastics, babies and toddlers learn appropriate social manners such as taking turns, respecting others, and following directions. These are all important aspects for developing strong emotional and cognitive intelligence.

4. Growth & development

Gymnastics focuses on fundamental movement patterns that help develop and strengthen posture, bones, and flexibility. The benefits of a healthy body from a young age will prevent disease and help them maintain healthy habits and routines throughout their life.

Each new activity in Gym Tots is developed to help them to gain strength, balance, coordination and better muscle control while simultaneously developing emotional intelligence, confidence, self discipline, and social skills.

5. Learning self discipline

Gymnastic classes at such a young age promotes and teaches the skills for long term self-control and discipline.

Self-control and discipline are incredibly valuable skills throughout life and gives them the tools to work well with others, accomplish their goals and stay on task. These are necessary skills for succeeding in school, work and social settings.

6. Building self-esteem and confidence

Mastering self discipline will undoubtedly lead to increased self esteem and confidence.

The discipline required to successfully learn and complete a gymnastic activity and routine gives a baby or toddler a sense of accomplishment. This teaches children from an early age that practice and hard-work pays off!

Completing these skills in front of their peers also develops a great sense of self and the confidence to perform in front of an audience.

Invest in your baby or toddler’s development today. Contact Athletica Gymnastics in Calgary and sign up for Gym Tots.