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Gymnastics for Babies in Calgary

Gymnastics for Babies in Calgary

At Athletica Gymnastics in Calgary, our training is focused on physical, mental, and social development. Our programs are conducted by certified instructors. Their guidance facilitates growth and guides each gymnast through a variety of exercises and activities.

Our Calgary gymnastic centre offers a variety of programs for babies, toddlers, kids, teens and older. Register for gymnastic classes, dance classes or one of our specialty programs this fall. Registration is now open.

From our experience and extensive knowledge of the positive correlation between gymnastics and babies, we believe introducing your baby to gymnastics is incredibly beneficial for their development. Learn more about our specialized programs and why gymnastics is beneficial for babies and toddlers.

Gym Tots: Gymnastics for Babies and Toddlers

Our Gym Tots Gymnastics program is designed specifically for babies and toddlers. Babies and toddlers are very impressionable and energetic, which makes it the ideal time to begin teaching them healthy and social behaviours through gymnastics. The skills learned in this gymnastics program will benefit them for life.

Our focus is playing with a purpose. Gym Tots is divided into three different classes; Mini Gym Tots for 10-17 month babies, Junior Gym Tots for 18 months – 2 years and Senior Gym Tots for 2 – 3-year-old toddlers.

Babies Develop Lifelong Skills from Gymnastics

We focus on improving your baby’s motor skills, increasing their coordination skills and developing socially and emotionally.

These classes promote cognitive development, problem-solving and social interaction with others, in a friendly and dynamic environment. Learn to dance, balance, bounce and coordinate basic movements, while developing fine and gross motor skills at a relaxed pace. With the use of interactive exploration circuits and games, each class is an invaluable child-parent time of discovery through movement.

Participating in gymnastics will help your baby reach milestones faster. During the classes, your baby will explore essential movement-based gymnastics activities designed to enhance their development in a safe and fun environment. Delight in watching your child’s eyes light up as you join them in learning through movement & play!

Invest in your baby’s development and enroll them in one of Athletica Gymnastics’ programs this fall.