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Safety Tips At Athletica Gymnastics in Calgary

Safety Tips At Athletica Gymnastics in Calgary

At Athletica Gymnastics in Calgary, safety is our number one priority, followed by our commitment to creating lifelong athletes.

Our skilled instructors have years of experience in the competitive world of gymnastics that has motivated and instilled their knowledge of gymnastics safety. Their guidance facilitates the growth we seek for every participant entering our doors while maintaining safety at all times. We’ve compiled a list of safety tips and precautions that instructors and participants should always be aware of in order to optimize their gymnastics experience.

Warm-Up Activities

Never underestimate the power of a proper warm up. We always strive to provide fun classes that ensure your child maintains a healthy lifestyle. We believe the first step is to get your child’s blood pumping, increase flexibility, and improve their range of motion!

Stretching and completing a series of warm-up exercises before a gymnastics class protects your little one from the risk of injuries and delayed recovery. It only takes a few minutes before and after class to stretch and warm up, but the benefits are endless!

During the warm-up exercises, instructors have the opportunity to connect with your child, form a bond and review safety rules. This is an excellent safety precaution for activities to come! Warm up exercises are meant to be fun activities that get your child ready for a fun class, but ultimately, the purpose is to ensure the safety of your child every step of the way.

Skill Level

At Athletica Gymnastics, we offer a variety of programs, each carefully tailored for specific skill levels and ages. We’ve carefully developed these programs to target social and physical milestones in an encouraging and safe environment.

Gymnastics is an exceptional way for your child to improve their coordination, balance and confidence. Our beginner and recreational classes introduce young children to gymnastics through a series of fun exercises that promote cognitive development, problem-solving and social interaction with others, in a friendly and dynamic environment.

Our pre-competitive and competitive programs are designed for participants that have achieved physical milestones. Athletes in these programs are carefully monitored and evaluated throughout our programs to ensure safety and progress. Athletes that are admitted into these programs are required to pass tryouts. It is also essential that they meet provincial and/or National standards and demonstrate their ability to perform specific physical and technical skills that follow the Canadian Gymnastics and Alberta Gymnastics governing bodies.

Athletica Gymnastics Facility

As with any sport, gymnastics presents a possibility of injury. We recognize this risk and follow strict safety guidelines to reduce the risk of injury. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for athletes to thrive.

We have an outstanding facility, high-quality equipment and instructors who are all qualified and experienced in maximizing the learning opportunities and safety of each and every participant. We check our equipment regularly to ensure they are up to standard and properly secured. During our programs, our instructors are extremely thorough and vigilant to ensure every practice and move is performed safely.