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5 Advantages of Joining Gymnastics Programs at Athletica Gymnastics

5 Advantages of Joining Gymnastics Programs at Athletica Gymnastics

Gymnastics is an incredible skill and sport that allows for growth in all areas of a gymnasts life because it focuses on physical, mental and social development.

Joining an Athletica Gymnastics program in Calgary encourages participants to develop a strong foundation of healthy skills that will benefit them throughout their life, creating lifelong athletes. View our 5 advantages of joining a gymnastic program at Athletica Gymnastics.

  1. Experience With Training Young Gymnasts
  2. Gymnastic Programs Tailored for Specific Ages & Levels
  3. Experienced & Competitively Trained Instructors
  4. Healthy Lifestyle & Athlete
  5. Recreational and Competitive Gymnastic Options

1. Experience With Training Young Gymnasts 

Athletica Gymnastics offers classes for all ages and skill level. Our youngest program, the Mini Gym Tots, is designed for 10 – 17 months babies. Being introduced to gymnastics at a young age has exceptional benefits.

Gymnastics creates an opportunity for babies, toddlers and children of all ages to develop social skills, increase emotional and cognitive intelligence as well as build self-esteem, self-discipline and strength. Children learn from an early age that practice and hard-work pays off. These are incredible life skills that will benefit children in social, school and work environments.

2. Tailored for Specific Ages & Levels

Athletica Gymnastics developed several gymnastic programs that are tailored for specific ages and levels from 10 months to 16 years. The programs are carefully designed to target social and physical milestones in an encouraging and active environment.

As a child progresses through gymnastics, they will grow and develop emotionally, mentally and physically with their peers. Gymnastics teaches participants to listen and follow directions, set goals, work with others, and concentrate in order to achieve each milestone in an encouraging environment.

3. Competitively Trained Instructors

Athletica Gymnastic’s instructors have extensive experience and training in competitive gymnastics. The team of instructors are passionate about coaching each individual and guiding gymnasts to achieve their unique potential.

With years of personal experience in gymnastics, our instructors have the knowledge and skills to assist participants safely and effectively. Regardless of age, level, or experience, instructors will help each participant reach their milestones.

4. Healthy Lifestyle & Athlete

Gymnastics is a challenging sport that requires commitment and increases balance, flexibility, strength, speed, discipline and coordination skills. Joining a gymnastic program greatly develops these skills, which are beneficial to a variety of other physical activities and sports.

Plus, the more sports or physical activities that a child participates in from a young age, the more likely they will maintain an active lifestyle.

5. Recreational and Competitive Options

Athletica Gymnastic’s programs are suited for all ages, experience and commitment level. Recreational programs are active and fun classes that develop a strong foundation of basic gymnastic skills.  

Our competitive gymnastic programs are designed for little gymnasts with a keen gymnastics attitude and demonstrate strong athletic ability and commitment. Whether your child is new to the sport or committed to training competitively, Athletica Gymnastic offers a selection of activities and programs for everyone.

Sign up for Athletica Gymnastics in Calgary. Classes begin April 8th, 2018.